Nice to meet you.

(aka, THE BIO)

Locals have called us the most original band in Logan, which is just fine with us (even though it makes Maggie blush).

We are a 4-piece rock and roll band from Utah's Siberia (Logan) and our live performances are a blast. Maggie Regnier's

wild stage persona finds a firm foundation on Zach Perry

and David Kinsey's lockstep bass and drum beats.

The addition of Tanner Lex Jones as lead guitarist

has unlocked an entirely new level of quirk on the

long road to indie infarmy. 

Come on out and see us live— 

you won't regret or forget it!

Salduro has been on the scene for nigh on

5 years, chipping slowly away at the wall of Utah's general apathy with rugged determination, quirky high quality original songs, and creative merch. We are named after a ghost town, but you probably already knew that because they have the first entry on Google.


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